Across the Universe - Eric Hansen

Across the Universe

Eric Hansen

  • Genre: Easy Listening
  • Release Date: 2005-10-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2005 Neurodisc Records


Title Artist Time
Michelle Eric Hansen 3:27 USD 0.99
Penny Lane Eric Hansen 2:52 USD 0.99
If I Fell Eric Hansen 2:40 USD 0.99
Strawberry Fields Forever Eric Hansen 3:34 USD 0.99
The Fool On the Hill Eric Hansen 3:21 USD 0.99
In My Life Eric Hansen 2:28 USD 0.99
Girl Eric Hansen 3:35 USD 0.99
I Feel Fine Eric Hansen 2:25 USD 0.99
Across the Universe Eric Hansen 3:25 USD 0.99
She's Leaving Home Eric Hansen 3:21 USD 0.99
Here, There and Everywhere Eric Hansen 3:01 USD 0.99
Eleanor Rigby Eric Hansen 5:03 USD 0.99


  • no way

    By Zamboni48
    This is really bad! No one should re do a song differently than what the artist intends. This totally trashes the Beatles'.
  • very nice!

    By Doug Edgell
    After hearing Eric on guitar channel several times, I decided to look him up on itunes. Nice recording, nice arrangments, smart use of stlyes to get the feel of the tune. (I like that he's made them into duets) I wonder if there's a book? To those of you who don't like it... how sad. But you must admit that there is excellent playing on this and if your a fingerstyle guitar fan, it's well worth the $.
  • It's pretty nice

    By cait_critch
    i mean if your just by the pool relaxing it's pretty good it kinda reminds me of something that you would hear in a lobby of a hotel but i mean it's probly the next best thing that your going to get to the beatles other then just some fonny sound alikes which sound nothing alike to them because there sound is so hard to match um can anybody tell me why theres no beatles on itunes cuz i would love that, thanks
  • Across the Universe

    By blork
    As a Beatles "purist", I've always had a hard time listening to other bands playing their songs. However, this performance is far different. As a guitarist of both classical and pop music, I can realistically say that Eric Hansen has created wonderfully sensitive arrangements of these songs and performs them with a gentleness and flair that will please even classical guitar purists. Look beyond old prejudices and fly away across the universe with Eric . . .
  • Ugh.

    By andreaz4326
    When I happened upon this album, I thought it might be a refreshing spin on The Beatles. But I was wrong. It sounds like a crappy regurgitation which was done by accident because Hansen couldn't keep up with the tempo. If I didn't already have the rhythms and melodies of all these songs engrained in my head, I would have no idea what these songs were. I'm sorry for being so harsh on Eric Hansen, but I would never waste my money on this nonsense.
  • :(

    By culle
    this just isn't right.
  • Across the Universe - an "easy listening" experience

    By Jettpurr
    This is a nice compilation - it is appropriately listed under "Easy Listening" and it lends respect to each of the original recordings in an Easy Listening fashion. Definitely listen to the clips prior to purchasing, but if that is the genre that appeals to you, you'll enjoy this album.
  • review

    By madcrab
    i absolutely LOVE the beatles. and so does my dad and my grandpa. i love all of these songs on this particular album, but i mean , they dont sound anything like what the beatles originally recorded! except for the rythym of it, the songs are basically all the same. the beatles made each and everyone of their songs individual so that you would know what song was what and it made each one unique! eric hansen didnt follow through with that. if i hadnt known the title of the songs i was listening to or had the rythy, burned into my skull, i wouldnt have known what in he world i was listening to. its like panic! at the disco, all of the songs sound the same. im not trying to criticize eric hansen, im sure he has an amazing musical talent, but his talent does not lie with trying to copy the beatles glorious work.
  • across the univese

    By loser 248
    this is a good idea and i do love the beatles but it really isnt that great. but across the univese is the best song ever!!!!
  • Lennon spins in his grave. McCartney screams in anguish. Ringo...well, you get it.

    By JDB123
    I definitely should have listened to the sample before buying this. As a lover of classical guitar and the Beatles, I thought this album was a terrific idea - a tragic misconception, as it turns out. Somehow, Eric Hansen has managed to give the "Muzak treatment" to the Beatles. And I paid $9.99 to listen to it. I can't comment on the performance quality - Hansen may very well be quite talented - but this album really is appallingly terrible.