Give the Jew Girl Toys

Sarah Silverman

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2005-12-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 2:23

Music Video


  • Awful

    By Jlewis23
    Terrible and offensive. Waste of money, there is no humor in this video.
  • I only could stand half of it.

    By jesus rulez
    horrible. offensive. disgusting. HATE IT!!!
  • yawn

    By TobyIsTheBest
    Just not funny. Buy Weird Al, funier and less offensive
  • these r frickin jokes man!

    By i love lamp 5
    for all you cynical nuttballs spewing negative reviews telling people not to listen to this, lighten the hell up, for god sake man, these are just jokes. they're supposed to be silly and funny, there is nothing serious about it. plus i think your missing the point. i mean, the songs "give the jew girl toys", so shes obviously saying, hey santa, get some toys for the jews too! so all you morons who cant stop taking things too seriously, leave the comedy genre, and listen to something else. quit posting these negative comments, don't just assume that everyone beleives what you do, and don't try to shove your oppinions down someone elses throat!
  • Hot Hot Hot

    By Boner69
    Sarah gives me a woody! This tune makes me laugh my butt off! This is Sarah at her best! Kimmel is a lucky man! Give the Jew girl some toys!
  • Sarah is a comic superstar

    By Southtexas Browntown
    This video is funny. Can't deny it. Don't focus on racism it's ment to focus on the unexplainable reason of pagan beliefs mixed with christianity. Think of it for a moment for those that believe they are devoted christians.
  • Is lik enumber 100

    By nathanfullerturner
    That other review, dammit yes!!!! Dose horrible!! Dose horrible right like before it say santa be none for Jesus! Dummies say santa are not Jesus dad! No one knew nothing if santa isn't in the manger tuckin' the baby jesus in at night. Jesus, take this wheel and take it and run over Ms. Silverman and then back up and run over it and then run over it and then run it over.
  • very funny!

    By Danny Rio
    I first saw this video in the film "Jesus is Magic", which is "falling-off-the-couch" funny. Ms. Silverman is very, very funny and not a bad singer, either. Not for the easily-offended, though...

    By scrub man
    this music video sucks and if you have seen her show it is so bad dont watch it!!!
  • Pointless and offensive

    By Jeezy Jr,
    it is garbage

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