Panjabi MC

  • Genre: World
  • Release Date: 2009-05-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:25

Music Video


  • This is what music is

    By Shimmyshim
    God... a video to this, first for all those who don't know, this song i played way back when me was in me teen's now im coming upto 40, yep, that old..., Mr Punjabi MC been around that long....., but i bow my head and give the upmost respect for what he did with the music brought the two generations together, but...., yes there is a but, these video's that have come out, please they have no meaning to the actual song's at all, still i buy it for the respect, but come on why is the guy playing a Sitar when it should be the Punjabi instrument Thumbi, also for all you Hip Hop artist's out there please look into the Thumbi and use it cause it's dying out there along with the Chimta and one of my old best is the Murli ( look up Iqbal Jogi & Party or as itunes list it Igbal Jogi & Party, this was recorded in the 50"s, yes 50's.... ) , time artist with a bit of power behind them started to blend world music together ( check out The Prayer Cycle, Amazing Album also last recording of Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan ), the world is changing so fast now with world events being shown on news channels that if that can be done what if, and i say if we could tomorrow change the world to have one goverment rule all, the word Religion banned from all books and changed to Faith cause we all no matter which background we all have Faith in something....., sorry im going on too much here, but one day it'll be one world......., yes it's already started, just watch and see, even Mr Barack Obama ( i bow my head to him with the upmost respect ) is changing the world as we know it, so why do't we too....
  • Ahh... good ol' Indian music

    By musically crazed
    For those of you who are just coming across Panjabi MC or Indian music for the first time, this is a song/video not to miss. The true musical tradition of India is brought out by artists like Panjabi MC who incorporate their roots into modern music for the world to hear. This is GOOD music to pass up. trust me.

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