Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:32

Music Video


  • Taylor Swift is the worst singer

    By Cindymarks8990
    Taylor Swift is boring and mediocre. She can't sing at all. Her music is for insecure people. Taylor is obsessed with love she can't receive.

    By Glory to YHWH
    her voice sounds really scratchy in this video. and it's pretty poor quality.
  • Pathetic

    By ~BornToBeWild(;
    I love taylor (don't get me wrong), but the video is useless. A child could have made it better! She is just in a room, dancing/singing with her band flopping her hair around. Don't buy!
  • -_____-

    By SuperCat56
    This could possibly be the worst video she's ever done. And why so blurry???????? Plus she's just there in a room with a band. Plus, she looks so bored, like she's DYING to get out.
  • Amazing

    By eve Quinn
    This I would love to describe in more than 5958 characters this is one of the most amazing songs in history!!!!!& I <3 it
  • Why

    By H. Mimi 5000
    Why not rate 5 stars? It's amazing!
  • Hehe

    By Kahlie Bostaph
    This reminds me of the hunger games.....
  • Do This

    By FrozengreenT
    Say your crush's name 10 times. Put your hand over your heart. Post this on 5 other videos. Tomorrow, he'll either ask you out or say "I love you."
  • Change

    By Cisnerosfamily4evr!
    This is a True Christian if u dislike this video,just play the video many times so u can listen 2d lyrics then comment and read this message again and u'll understand y I sent this message.Think before u talk,hasn't ur mother taught u well,doesn't seem like it and my has so..luv it 4evr always will Taylor I am Fearless.
  • im taylor's #1 fan!!

    By louistommoislife
    wow amazing video!! tay i luv ur videos!! they r soo powerful!! stay beautiful!! 

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