The Kids Are Coming - EP - Tones and I

The Kids Are Coming - EP

Tones and I

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-08-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 6

  • ℗ 2019 Bad Batch Records under exclusive license to Elektra Records for the World exclud


Title Artist Time
The Kids Are Coming Tones and I 3:24 USD 1.29
Dance Monkey Tones and I 3:29 USD 1.29
Colourblind Tones and I 3:26 USD 1.29
Johnny Run Away Tones and I 3:12 USD 1.29
Jimmy Tones and I 3:43 USD 1.29
Never Seen the Rain Tones and I 3:20 USD 1.29


  • Inspirational Artist, Break-out Star in a Saturated Market

    By gpollar
    Unique voice and very talented. No matter what there will always be negative reviews, but that’s ok. Compared to the millions that love her voice and musical skills, the number of people that dislike her is minuscule. What really matters is that there are numerous fans like me that get to enjoy her hard work. I’m glad that she chose to share her passion and voice with us. I look forward to her future albums.
  • Bruh

    By 127383826538392
    Why is this #1
  • Please

    By Brę_J
    I can’t understand what your saying in dance monkey or any other songs!!!!! That’s the👏🏽number👏🏽one👏🏽thing to the👏🏽key of👏🏽music. Plus music holds lots repetitiveness and has no taste.
  • Bruh

    By HeyItzVal_16
    “why are u looking it up just to leave a bad review?” well we’re trying to be informative and pull everyone out of this sick, annoying song and back into reality. this song is shit.
  • If I could give it zero stars I would

    By SDatri2020
    Her voice is more than annoying, it’s scratching, more nasally, stupid, and weird. And not in a good way. Such a terrible excuse for music.
  • Avocado p. P p.l

    By puduntang
    I don’t want
  • TRASH!!!

    By Urinal Boy
  • Unique

    By BeccaMinute
    Singer and songwriter with a unique voice, and something to say. I enjoyed it. No reason to bash her because one of her songs was over used in an app. Listen to the others. Pay attention.
  • Really, you like it ‘cause of Tik Tok?!

    By ChangesForUd
    I personally hate that people only like because of an app... But love the song in general! The vocals are cRaZy cool!🤩
  • True talent and I love her voice .

    By SugarDickDaddy-Mr.long
    You people talking sh** are doing so because you don’t know sh** about being artistic . You probably lack any real talent and if you don’t understand or can’t relate to dance monkey , it’s cuz no one has ever seen you that way and you’re probably just as ugly on the outside as you are in the inside. She’s unique and there’s nothing not to like about her or her music . All her songs are different from one another and they have meaning . Go listen to some fool unaware he’s rapping about his d*** being comparable to a HI C straw and making it rain in the strip clubs,idiots ! The fact that you have nothing real to say says it all .

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