Immaculate Misconception

Motionless In White

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2011-11-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:37

Music Video



  • MIW!!!!!

    By RockMusic99
    UUUHHHHHHH!!!! I WANT THIS MUSIC VIDEO SO FREAKING BAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!! I’ve watched it like a million times on youtube! Okay, maybe not that many times… BUT STILL! THE MASSAGE IS AMAZING! THE SONG IS AMAZING! THE VIDEO IS AMAZING! THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jaw dropping

    By taelaluippold
    Cannot get this song out of my head this makes me love MIW even more than I already do. But the music video makes the song so much better than it already is😈💞. Plus Chris looks so sexy like I can't. 👅
  • Like these guys

    By cosi gman
    I like this song don't fully agree but still good. song I am a Christian but I like these guys and the Christian world has really forgotten the fact that they're not better than anyone else and so they judge ones sins over theirs i am very different and not a traditional seeming Christian but I still love god and have a firery hatred for how the Christian people can treat others. Chris' view is obvious and it is a great message that Christians need to love before they hate or judge

    By Trinity_Havok
    A friend of mine turned me onto MIW. There sound and lyrics are deeply amazing. Before I even laid eyes on these guys I loved their music. It wasn't about looks or dress. It was about the music. All I can say is I love every song and I cannot wait to hear some more!!
  • Love. At. First. Sight!!! O__O

    By Ciciahra
    I love him...*__*...he's so cool and goth, like me. Chris, You're just too perfect! And I consider that to be one of the most meaningful sayings I have ever heard "Open your mind before your mouth", I 100% agree! You go Chris, I love you! I love you now and forever! Ps. I'm soooo gonna get the shirt from merchnow O.o!!!

    By Teddyg13
    I just love this song and I really love the meaning. I hate hypocrites and how they all hate on music like this it's not the sound of it it's what it says in the lyrics that matter. -Penny
  • Fantastic

    I love this song so much, because of its meaning and the imagery. I'd never heard of Motionless in White until I watched this video and now I can't stop listening to it.
  • Good

    By CollinYouOut(>•_•>)
    It's one of those songs that have a good sound ,but a kind of atheistic outlook on life.
  • Amazing

    By Traktou
    Great song great band, I've listened to these guys since the beginning they've come a long way since the sherman theatre and ealanor rigbys 3 albums later they've still got it and it's better than ever waiting for album number 4
  • yup

    By Needs messenger fixes
    its a beautiful song with such a powerful meaning, i love it. and its funny cause most of the people posting here calling them ignorant are easily offended christians. maybe if they would stop choking others with their beliefs people wouldnt make songs about them. love this band and keep the awesome songs coming :)

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